The choice to be the best version of YOU STARTS TODAY FOR YOU

How YOU treat yourself and others

Happy people make good decisions. People are happy when they see progress and see a return on investment on their decisions. If you feel like YOU should be treated with respect, honesty, transparency and dedication then we want to talk to you. The treatment of our clients is paramount to how we operate.

How YOU feel about progress?

Every individual journey is slightly different but the key trait is to progress as much as possible. But what type of progress we here you say??? Progress in meaningful things. We believe that focus and dedication must be shown by the professional and focus on behaviour change and reinforcement by everyone we work with. Mental performance and therapy for YOU the client is what WE DO. If you also feel that PROGRESS is essential then we want to speak to you.

The values and principles YOU believe in

The separation is in the preparation.

We are committed as Mental Performance Experts to help our clients absolutely own their mental state and mental fitness.

We do this through a specific set of guiding values that do not change no matter who we work with.

High Quality work at all times

There is no place for second best when it comes to mental performance. Being the best version of Therapycise sets the tone for how our clients operate. 

If you believe in being better than you were yesterday then we are a good fit.

Honesty and Transparency

The coaching journey involves trust and fulfilling on promises. If you believe that to build a long-term results-focused realtionship you need trust and honesty, then we want to talk to you.

Client focus

It is all about the client. Everyone is different but what is paramount is what the client needs to move forward. Therapycise is about putting the client first and giving THE CLIENT tools and strategies moving forward in life.

Examples of the type of amazing people and teams we work with...

personal trainer
Personal Trainers
Employed / Self Employed

Committed and motivated PT's who wants the best for their clients are a huge area of focus for Therapycise

Business Coaches
Self Employed

Business coaches that truly believe that mental performance is more than just motivation and energy.

Employed / Self Employed

A good physiotherapist knows the importance of the mind and body connection. We help theiir clients own the process.

Luxury spas
Employed / Self Employed

When working on relaxation and long term optimisation of the body, the mental game is essential for progress.

sales team
Sales teams
UK / International

Do you have a sales team that struggles hitting targets? Your team will thrive with a Therapycise coach.

Wellbeing Clinics
UK / International

Clinics have an array of professionals that work under the brand. Do you offer mental performance coaching ?

young athlete
Future Stars
Aged 10 upwards

Future stars require more than just the physical side and the talent side. Adding mental skills could be the difference.

Employment sector
Recruitment / Talent

Searchin for a job or being out of work can be stressful. Adding a mental performance coach will add serious value.

Remote teams
UK / International

Do you have a workforce that works remotely? Your team will thrive with a Therapycise coach.

monday mornings
Startup Businesses
UK / International

Statrtups require motivation, resilience, drive, passion and playing all out. We help startups maintain the edge.

coaches corner
Other coaches
Employed / Self Employed

All good coaches know that you cant do everything and for those coaches, we can help. Let us help your clients.

Online Events
Employed / Self Employed

Having conducted hundreds of LIVE events with other professionals, presenting for events is a real passion for us.

team manager
Sports team managers
Amateur / Professional

A collaborative effort can lead a team to glory. Teamwork makes the dream work and we love helping teams..

gym mamnager
Health club / Gym managers
Studio / large commercial

Members who are committed visit gym facilities more often, stay longer and add more value to a gym. .

Corporate fitness Class Instructors
Small / Large Group

A corporate fitness Instructor with a motivated, driven and successful group of members will flourish.

Are you involved in the mental state and mental performance of your team or group?


Results follow attention

We’re looking for motivated professionals who are ready to really take their business forward and add serious value to the people they work with starting TODAY.

The choice to be the best version of YOU STARTS TODAY FOR YOU